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Modern furniture: Center, corner and bedroom tables designed and produced by simonethome.com

modern furniture

We offer you the new range of simonethome.com modern furniture based on a sober and lasting aesthetic, with the most traditional finishes and the most modern and impressive ones.

Our designs balance aesthetics and functionality. A collection manufactured with top quality materials and finishes.

The furniture we design not only provides you with decorative solutions but also quality of life. Your next simonethome.com table will end up being your friend.

All our tables are packed and transported disassembled for very important reasons:

  • They suffer less in transport.
  • Their volume in flat packs takes up so little space that:
    • Their shipping cost is very low.
    • It contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Their assembly is quick, easy and fun.
  • We do not use screws: the elements of the ones fit together forming a solid whole.
  • We divide the tables that exceed a high weight into two packages for greater safety of the handlers.
  • We will deliver your table to your door, floor or office.

The quality/price ratio of simonethome.com furniture is very high. This range of tables has many common elements which increase the economy of industrial scale reducing its manufacturing cost.

The series begins with the DECO table, with a striking design based on two panels assembled in a blade, finished off with corner caps that support a high security tempered glass pane.

We paint the DECO table in the colors you choose, the

more daring and forceful, to bring your house to life. To highlight the spaces that identify with you.

[product id=»3760″]

The BERNI table (below) was the next evolution with the placement of a very practical intermediate board for a center table.

[product id=»3606″]

On the AURO center table we remove the top board leaving two solid wood strips so that all the space on the board is visible to place our favorite decorative objects.

[product id=»3725″][product id=»3725″]

The ENE bedroom and corner table of bellow is based on the same construction design, but in 500x500x450mm.

[product id=»3664″]

The next evolution was to make it rectangular and we created the ELE table, ideal for narrow rooms, which are becoming more and more frequent.

[product id=»3656″]

We can personalize the tables that show a diaphanous intermediate board, like the AURO, ELE and ENE, with your drawing, photograph or painting that you wish, printing it in high digital quality and combining it with the color that you like most.

ConArte tables have printed works of our collaborating artists. Limited editions with which you can take a painting on one of our tables. ConArte tables are one of our greatests innovations.

[product id=»1712″]

ELE table lacquered in nuclear white color and decorated with the painting «Reflejos» by the famous painter Almudena Arias.

[product id=»1719″]

The AURO table in 900x900x450 mm, also in nuclear white lacquer decorated by the incognito painter «Støll» with his work “Aguamarina»

[product id=»1718″]

«Elena Bosch», silk scarf designer with the most ancient arts, personalizes this ELE table with her painting «Mediterráneo». A unique piece of furniture to personalize a unique space.

The last link in our series is the JOSI table, which uses other alternative materials: galvanized iron tube finished with epoxy oven paint.


There are no longer any flat blades, either above or below, but two frames that fit together to support two glass panes above and below.

As an example of our collaboration with other furniture designers, we offer you the original ISABELA center table, designed by our friend and designer María Lantero, made entirely of solid pine wood and tempered glass.

[product id=»3763″]

Nowadays, it is difficult to find furniture made from solid woods high quality finished.

simonethome.com offers you high quality furniture to dress up your home or workplace at affordable prices.

The safety of our tables is one of the most important chapters. That is why all the glass we use for our tables is made of high security tempered glass. This means that they are harder than conventional ones and if they were to break they would shatter, in little pieces like chickpeas, not cut.

Our non aggressive corners design is suitable for toddlers who are leaning on them at this point. Our knees and shins will stop getting hit too.

The simonethome.com corner and bedroom tables hide the plugs and cables behind their base in a blade, or a power strip to connect your mobile and other devices. This also protects babies as they can’t see the plugs.

The tables from simonethome.com always bring functionality to your rooms.

The BERNI coffee table has four interior racks to keep your magazines tidy at all times. And even with many magazines, it can be easily and effortlessly moved by one person on carpets, pallets or other floors, because its weight is distributed between the lower wings.

[product id=»69″]

Put a simonethome.com table in your life.

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